Every holiday season, RPA fundraises for the United Way. Employee contributions were historically pretty anemic, so we created Dare2Donate. We dared agency officers to do ridiculous things, and employees crowdfunded those dares with painless deductions from their paychecks. We built a donation website, promoted the program internally, held live dare spectacles and created a ton of fun content. The number of contributions nearly doubled, and RPA raised more money for United way than ever before.

Internal Promo: p  osters, agency TVs, email attachments

Internal Promo: posters, agency TVs, email attachments

We built a simple, responsive website where people could learn about the program, browse the dares and contribute to them. After a dare was completed, we posted videos and photos of the shenanigans there.


Not gonna lie...some of the dares were pretty outrageous.

Honestly, there are so many hilarious videos. We funded over 40 dares and started a new United Way tradition. Keep watching if you like!