Working with the Clippers is both awesome and intense. The turnarounds are fast, the budgets are challenging, and you get 15 minutes with each player to get a season's worth of assets for TV, print, radio, online and more. But then Doc Rivers shakes your hand, looks you in the eye and says, "Thanks so much for your help." And we're all good here.

:30 Brand TV Spot

Brand Outdoor
Single-game tickets: Display

Single-game tickets: Display

Black Friday Sale: Facebook & Twitter

Black Friday Sale: Facebook & Twitter

The All-Star campaign was about getting people to vote for Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Fortunately, the Clippers liked our suggestion of taking a more lighthearted approach to soliciting All-Star votes.

:30 All-Star TV Spot

And since 2016 was an election year, we took a cue from the politicians with these fun guerrilla pieces.

All-Star Campaign Guerrilla Ads

When the NBA Playoffs rolled around, the Clippers wanted a TV spot. So, they gave us a hard drive with a season's worth of unsorted game footage, a tagline they wrote and no music budget. And they also gave us a week to do it. I'm pleased with what we pulled off.

:30 Playoff TV Spot

And thanks to my amusing co-workers and the gimmick of forced perspective, I can be bigger than Blake Griffin.