For Honda's 20th season as Little League sponsor, we recognized the Home Team–the moms, dads and everyone else who help Little Leaguers play big. This year-long campaign was anchored by a sweepstakes microsite that featured 4 games we concepted, designed and programmed. Home Team Heroes also came to life in TV, print and digital, and in a big way at the Little League World Series.

When I last checked, the Home Team Heroes web site was still live. But just in case Honda pulled it down, you can click on the images below to experience InVision prototypes of the desktop and mobile sites.

Here's a quick overview of the games. The fourth one is actually a shareable, baseball-card generator.

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Honda's booth at the Little League World Series was great. We built a dunk tank that looked like a washing machine with sock-ball baseballs. Our beanbag toss had snack-chip beanbags and the targets were painted like Little Leaguers with open mouths. Our photo booth made people look like they were getting sucked up by the Odyssey's vacuum. The list goes on.

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